We at Integrated Leasing offer as much help as you would like. We're knowledgeable about your industry. We know what to expect in your financial disclosure and will not waste your time asking a lot of petty questions. If you haven't yet decided which vehicle is best for you, we'll take the time to help you sort out the hundreds of offerings. We have the buying power to get you a better deal, even on hard-to-get vehicles from the manufacturers, deals an individual could never secure.

Furthermore, we offer the many benefits of creative leasing structures, these include graduated payments, seasonal skips, extended-term, 90 day deferral and pre-approved. We know you need to see a rapid ROI; maybe you need to realize some of the future revenues before beginning your payments. We can help. Take a few minutes to sit down and talk with us about your needs. We will walk you through every step of the process from a comparison of lease vs. purchase, to which option best fits your needs and maximize your ROI.

For further information and rates: contact Anthony Gramarossa at 631-439-1266 / 800-551-IVLI or email: agramarossa@integratedleasing.com www.integratedleasing.com